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Medtek offers a complete mobile solution for dictating, reviewing and E-signing reports. MedTek’s mobile app is free and available on both iOS & Android devices. With state-of-the-art technology, this app streamlines the dictation & transcription management process for physicians.

Facilities are reliant on physicians to begin the revenue cycle process. If doctors don’t dictate on time, then your revenue will not be delivered on time either. By making it easier for physicians to dictate, MedTek’s mobile app drives the entire revenue cycle process.

Stop wondering why your doctors aren’t dictating on time, and sign up for your free trial today.

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Available on iPhone and Android

Dictate, review & E-sign

Custom push notification reminders for dictation & electronic signature

Touch ID & Face ID login

Bulk-sign multiple reports at once

Track & dictate from live patient schedule

Manage multiple locations with one logon